Corporate principles

1. Quality

The customer is a partner. Understanding his wishes and fulfilling his needs strengthen our market position. Quality is the essential way to productivity and cost reduction. For us, performing quality work means constantly performing our tasks comprehensively in order to always meet our customers' demands.

2. Efficiency

Only profit-oriented work creates economic growth and secure jobs. We make full use of all possibilities, do not waste anything and concentrate on our strengths in the manufacture and processing of textile glass products. By improving productivity and energy efficiency, we secure the company's perspective and thus create safe and new jobs.

3. Partnership

We are looking for cooperation based on partnership. Our working style lives from mutual respect, trust and understanding in dealing with customers, employees and suppliers. We structure our relationships according to the principle of mutual benefit.

4. Responsibility

As individuals, we express responsibility for our own actions. We respect the responsibility of others and support them.

5. Innovation

We see the new as an opportunity to improve the existing. We are open to constructive criticism and are constantly looking for suitable ways to solve problems efficiently. We involve all employees in the continuous improvement process.

6. Environment

We act in harmony between ecology and economy to protect the environment today - and for future generations. That is why we continuously strive to protect the environment, today and other resources sparingly and responsibly.